Long time ago, in the world of Drupal 4.6 and 4.7 I had a module named L2. This was never hosted at Drupal, as I considered it an experiment and released it via the web site as such. I tried to use the various linking modules available for Drupal 6, but for one reason or another they did not fulfill my needs or made the conversion of my content to difficult. L2 is alive and well and has been improved for Drupal 6. If you were a user of L2 please drop me a note and I will add you to the list of BETA testers.

L2 is a general purpose linking system that acts as an input filter. It can link to other nodes, external content or attachments in other nodes, including the nodes current attachments. In most cases that means you can simply attach images to your node and insert them into your body with an simple tag. Also supported are

  • ImageCache for generating multiple sized thumbnails automatically
  • Links to other nodes. By default the nodes title becomes the anchor text.
  • Links to images with captions, descriptions, and even lightbox support
  • Lightbox slide show support for multiple images
  • A matrix light box slideshow
  • Experimental support for pulling images from multiple nodes by name or taxonomy to create a slideshow

Examples of L2 can be found in the old floor plan pages and the slide show mechanism can be seen at Video Astronomy - Planets.