is a live test bed of various Drupal modules and custom code. I try to test it on my site after we do some limited QA before we roll out the code to customers site. Nothing like a live BETA! Today I added Google Analytics and Google AdSense to the site. Both of these use readily available Drupal modules, although AdSense was patched to better work for our clients (and patches were submitted back).

I also upgraded the captcha handling, and unfortunately broke captcha for user registrations a few days ago. Sorry about that. I have tried ReCaptcha and like it, but I feel it the image captcha works well enough and I can style it more to my liking. I am still playing with the characters allowed, limiting the set to reduce confusion between upper/lower and some symbols. Once we have a good base it will become the default setting for out clients.

I expect we will make these available to all our clients early next week. There are still some minor adjustments to make so we provide a robust and usable system to start with.