As an experiment I have added Subscribe support to AddToAny. The modifications are still ongoing as various bugs are resolved. Due to the number of changes the package is made available as a complete TGZ instead of a very large patch file and numerous additional files.

Download here

Please submit comments, bug reports, etc. to the this Drupal thread. The package on this page supersedes the one on that thread.

2009-02-25 #2

  • Non-JS page can now be reached, use to result in a 404 error caused by 2009-02-25 update


  • Added support for http/s pages
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Removed some experimental code
  • Fixes for front page (optimization) and CSS for popup for IE7 and Chrome (theme)


  • Fixed a bug in link generation for Share widget
  • Added common settings to make way for theming options


  • Subscribe support added
    • Administration pages now shown as a tabs, one for Share and one for Subscribe
    • Subscribe works by overriding the feed_icon theme and replacing it it with a template driven style (addtoany-subscribe.tpl.php
    • Subscribe can be deactivated, which leaves the default Drupal RSS icon in place.
  • Output of Share icon is now handled by a template addtoany-share.tpl.php, the template receives a complete link as well as all the components needed for to theme a link manually.


  • Factor code once the system proves stable and useful

Download code EXPERIMENTAL

Download here