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It has been an eternity, but I finally carved out the time to migrate the most popular items from our experimental Drupal 4.7 site to our shiny new Drupal 6 site. More content still awaits migration, namely video astronomy, but most of the technical elements are present.

This task was complicated by the experimental nature of the old install. It was one of the very first Drupal configurations we did, and as such was a hodgepodge of settings, modules and hacks to make it do what we thought it should. ... Click to read more

Drupal 5 changes the way the cookie domain is calculated. If you are using ports to direct traffic to systems behind a firewall (or for whatever reason) Drupal 5 will errantly add the port to the cookie domain. As far as I can tell the RFC that specifies how sessions are maintained (RFC 2109) does not allow port specifications. The PHP code used in Drupal 5 does NOT strip ports from the cookie_domain. The solutions I found are:

1. Comment or disable the code in session.php that modifies the cookie_domain. This makes it work somewhat like it did in Drupal 4.x from what I can tell.
2. ... Click to read more