Multi-site configurations can be difficult to manage as I discussed in Multiple Drupal sites, one server. One method is to auto log in a user ( as user ID 1, admin) if they came from some secure IP. The theory of operation is pretty straight forward, although my implementation required mod_macro, mod_perl, mod_proxy_html, custom Drupal module and eventually some minor hacks to the core.

Theory of operation

The basic idea was to obtain gateway access to any site desired without having to know the admin password. ... Click to read more

Setting up a Multi-Host Drupal site is so easy it is hard for me to justify using the dedicated configuration. Many web pages document this process and these notes are just a quick reference. Again I assume A LAMP stack, modify as needed. The configuration steps are nearly identical and I will cover both types here.

Slight differences between Dedicated, Virtual host and Multi-Host

The configuration steps can be identical for all three! The main difference is how you point Apache to Drupal area. ... Click to read more