There were a number of steps required to get "FeedBurner": to work the way I wanted it to. My goal was a seamless RSS feed that I could easily track using FeedBurner's wonder statistics and maybe get some wider exposure. I also wanted to maintain the "brand", in my case the domain name, as much as possible. Here is what I did: ... Click to read more

On occasion it seems that jQuery and reCAPTCHA are not the best of friends. I encountered a problem on an Drupal 4.7 (with so many changes for performance it is almost a fork) installation using the reCAPTCHA 4.7.x-1.0 and CAPTCHA 4.7.x-1.2 modules. The user login/registration pages use reCAPTCHA and some custom jQuery module for doing rounded corners (single image, liquid layout). This combination caused the page to white-screen as soon as the jQuery modified the DOM. ... Click to read more